Thursday, May 21, 2009

Q: Why?
A:Isn't it obvious!? It's Milan Lucic, one of the greatest hockey players to put on a black and gold jersey.

Q:I want to post one, how do I?
A: That's easy. E-mail us with your name, location and Loochism and we'll post it!

Q: Can I be as cool as you guys?
A: Anything's possible.



For fear of getting hit by Milan Lucic, Mike Komesarek's jaw broke itself
- Greg, Boston, MA

Lucic doesn't type on keyboards, keyboards type for Lucic
- Shawn, Vancouver, BC

Milan Lucic actually doesn't skate, the ice pushes him
- Adam, Michigan, MI

Lucic hit Komisarek so hard he saw Jesus, and Jesus laughed
- Chase, Edmonton, AB

They say Lucic hits like a bulldozer, but in reality, bulldozers Lucic
- James, Toronto, ON

When Milan Lucic is coming, even the glass tries to get out the way!
- Brian, Chatham, ON

Milan Lucic doesn't hit the puck, the puck runs away screaming
- Adam, Michiga, MA

Milan Lucic doesn't get penalties, he decides when his team needs PK practice
- Zach, Muskegon, MI

Lucic has 5 dollars. Chuck Norris has 5 dollars. Lucic has more money.
- Alex, Location Unknown

When you see Lucic coming, You better keep your head up or you'll pay the price.
- Doug, St-Bruno, Quebec

When Chuck Norris needs a bodyguard, he hires Milan Lucic.
- Erica, Boston, MA

Looch - Everyone wants one, but only the Bruins have the real thing.
- Cathy, Stubridge, MA

Chuck Norris once had a threesome with bald eagle and a wolverine. Milan Lucic was the product of that coupling.
- Sherif25, The Big Bad Bruins

Milan Lucic doesn't do tornado drills, tornadoes do Milan Lucic drills.
- Quinten, Charlotte, NC
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